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Thank you so much for your wonderful resources! The works of Christian Center for Science and Apologetics is a fresh, gentle wind that helps us to lead our young people in learning both the design of God’s creation and His holly will.
Gennady Sidorov, Ph.D. (Biology) and Olga Shustova, Ph.D. (Philosophy), Omsk, Russia.

Thank you very much for the ministry and the work of CCSA. I am impressed the most by your the focus on publishing Christian textbooks on Science (wonderfully designed!) for the future generation. You have taken the right and very promising direction in guiding the young.
--Yelena Titova, Ph.D, biochemist, Byelorussia

I am using materials of Christian Center for Science and Apologetics for a long time. It is an extremely important ministry that translates, produces and distributes a lot of resources - books, videos and curricula. All my requests are always responded immediately with accuracy, care and encouragement. I can not imagine how would I defend the truth without the CCSA resources! You are doing God's work, brothers!"
Yevgeniy Chebikin - Yekaterinburg, Russia.

I keep in my hands "God's Design. Our Planet Earth" in Russian. How wonderful the book is in many ways! I would like to thank the authors and publishers of the textbook that does not leave indifferent neither children, nor adults. I hope that other textbooks of the curriculum will be published as well. The book opens mind of a child, encourages thinking about the wonders and miracles of the created world we live in; about greatness of its Creator, and His love to a man.
Yevgeniya Kreyer, a grandmother, former Physics teacher

The 'Biblical Strategy for Evangelism' workshop communicates God's truth in such a plain, clear and simple way, it makes me want to listen to it over and over again. It helped me to see how many mistakes I make talking to with unbelievers. I realized that in the first place it is important to find a time to listen to a person to understand one's problems. We can not share the Good News effectively without making a diagnosis first
Valentina, Sevastopol

The workshop was exactly what I needed; it was an answer to my prayers. I listened all seminars with great interest. Something I did not understand before became so clear. Evangelism is an art of listening, rather than talking. If we do not listen to a person, we will not be able to understand one's needs
Natalia, Sevastopol

May our Lord and Savior be praised for providing the foundation of your ministry! The ministry that is not settled somewhere in America or in Europe, but works here in Ukraine, and particularly in Crimea. When I was a child I used to visit Crimea quite often. It is such a great blessing that God has raised up a science and apologetics ministry in the land of militant atheism. I highly appreciate the materials that I received from you. They will be a great support for me in exploring the Scriptures. May the Lord send abundant blessings to your ministry!
Oleg Karpov


"The seminars were like a drink of fresh water. Strategy of Evangelism, Creation Science, Theology of Marriage - all your seminars cover the aspects of apologetics so necessary for Christians who otherwise doubt and do not understand their own message and speak only religious vernacular hardly understandable by people the Lord has sent us to. Today in the era of information it is very important to know the evidences that prove to the biblical truth - God is the Creator. It was very encouraging to find out that the modern science is a child of Christian worldview and many great scientists were dedicated Christians. The seminars strengthen our faith and equips the Church for sharing it with those who reject God the Creator. Thank you very much for your ministry and the time you shared with us. It was a great blessing for us. You have showed us a model for proper ministry."
Sergei Terentyev, pastor. "Golgotha" evangelical church, Rovno.


Feedback from "Theology of evangelism for postmodern society" training course at ZaZaZu.tv youth online broadcast ministry (Kiev),

- I found more approaches to evangelization in the world of mass media.
- We understood the strategy of delivering the Gospel.
- It was helpful to recall the foundation of our faith and the ways to share it.
- I am going to talk to people on common, simple, understandable language.
- There were many visual examples, discussion, historical background, works of art, and proofs of facts.
- Good update in theology, examples of personal evangelization, ways to re solve controversial issues.
- If I had this training again I would sound record it The team of ZaZaZu.tv youth online broadcast ministry, Kiev

We highly appreciate the courses on apologetics as well as lot of recourses the student were supplied with. The seminars provided deep systematic analysis of various aspects of apologetics, encouraged the students to grow in the area of apologetics as an effective tool for fulfilling the mission of the church. The students appreciated biblical and historical grounding of the courses especially.
"The Vision" International University

Your seminars were extremely significant event and a wonderful blessing for Kharkov. It laid a foundation for the development of apologetic ministry in the region. We have received a great feedback from the participants, like: "The workshop showed me a new effective approach to winning people for Christ. Very interesting, comprehensive and challenging". Following goals were achieved:

  1. The audience was supplied with good materials on evangelism in modern world. It was easy for understanding and encouraged the listeners for making important practical decisions. The materials revealed the very biblical concept of evangelism, and the issue was well understood by the students.
  2. Schoolteachers were supplied with great materials that will have a big impact on their development. The amount of the books they were equipped with will surely satisfy all their interests. The message they received will be widely spread.
  3. It was a great joy to see that people's desire to learn more and to develop further.
  4. I myself was strengthened in my calling and understanding the issues of man’s wholeness.
  5. The seminars gave new opportunities to reach the teachers of public schools.
  6. People were well equipped with useful materials for spreading the Good News. Some of them called to thank me for the opportunity.

The seminar is going to bring abundant fruit in the future. I believe one day the doors of public schools, colleges and universities will be opened for us.
Yevgeniy Molodchiy, Coordinator.
School Without Walls ministries, Kharkov

Thank you so much for bringing When God Builds a Church to me translated in Russian. That is really exciting, yet humbling! It was kind of Sergei to want to send me a copy and give me his thoughts about it. I am so grateful to know him. His passion for the truth along with his selfless pursuit of expanding God's Kingdom in Europe and Russian [speaking countries] are inspiring. He truly is a modern day Paul.
Bob Russell, Bob Russell Ministries, USA

I would like to express deep appreciation after reading your books "How Man Became Ape" and "The Global Flood", on of the painstaking, workmanlike and honest job you have done with them. There are many good books but they are written in a very difficult for comprehension manner often. I love to read books where everything is clear, well combined and thoughts provoking at the same time. "The Global Flood" is a great model for such books. For many years I was collecting material to put various evidences into something like it, however your book has reached that goal and I do not need to write anything else. I have read it four times and give it to all my friends to read - no one was indifferent to it. The book is well grounded scientifically and logically, but not overloaded with academic vernacular or fairytales. It fits the comprehension of a modern person perfectly. I have a little son Nazar, and I will definitely read your books to him when he will be ready for it. Thank you very much!
Gena Voitko, Alchevsk, Eastern Ukraine

In our prayers for children camps we asked the Lord to provide us a curriculum, staff, funds and children. The respond was such an unexpected blessing to us. A representative of Christian Center for Science and Apologetics has contacted us and offered their curriculum "Six Days of Creation", as well as the resources for the workshops and support for children from indigent families. We like the curriculum so much, especially after we worked through it during the staff retreat. Obviously, we did not know a lot about the world we live in, so teaching one another for practice was a wonderful experience, filled with the Lord's guidance. Thirteen children out of sixty four confessed their faith and accepted Jesus. A few days after the camp was over, children and even the adults started to calls from, expressing their wish to participate in the camp again. We highly appreciate the help Christian Center for Science and Apologetics provided. Thank you so much for your hearts of servants! We would not accomplish that much without you. Praised be the Lord!
Voronov Vadim, pastor
Rusinova Elena, the camp director
Amur, Russian Far East

I would like to thank you for the Creation Science Workshops you were doing at our church recently. That was a blessed time when the Lord was strengthening our faith considerably. I can not say we believed in Darwinian Evolution before the seminars, but some arguments of atheists were quite confusing for us. Now I know their weaknesses and can strengthen other believers in truth. The greatest help for me personally were the clarification of the issues of Ice Age causes and chronology and so-called Vestigial Organs. All explanations were clear and easy for understanding. Sometimes we felt like if we are not at the seminar on science but worship, and it was the greatest thing about the course. I have got extremely helpful books and videos - thank you so much for producing those materials! I also became a frequent visitor of your web site. This is exciting how much various information, news, articles, answers are there! Great thanks to your entire team for your ministry! May the Lord richly bless you in the proclaiming the truth!
Nadezhda Dolya, school teacher, Rovno (Western Ukraine)

"I just have read your book “The Global Flood: Myth, Legend or Reality” and have finally found the answers to the questions that troubled me for a while. Since I am a Christian I have always supported Creationism, however I have never before encountered such a clear, scientifically-grounded apologia of the biblical teaching. Thank you so much for the work you have done in the book."
Alexander Nikolayevich Beldy, Northern Caucasus

"I am writing to you with a great joy, because you work brings the fruit of truth - the pure fruit on the way of getting closer to knowing the Lord. I am going to become a teacher of chemistry and biology. From the very beginning, when I just started learning the theory of evolution, I was protesting against it, without having any sound arguments. I am willing to learn more, for every lie to be disgraced, and for people to no longer have any obstacle in accepting the gift of our Lord – salvation! I appreciate your materials about evolution and looking for more. I believe that your literature will bless and straighten more and more people!

...I am really glad to receive the materials from your Center regularly. It is a great commitment to share the Word of God through science. It is such a pleasure to see intellectuals and scientists, who are willing to share Good News with their colleagues. Praised be the Lord for your ministry! May He richly bless it! I have two extended degrees myself: one pedagogical, one – theological, and I work as a school teacher. Therefore, the materials you send are very useful and helpful.
Thank you very much.
--Your brother Alexei Burtsev, Astrahan (Russia)

...Thank you very much for everything you sent and wrote to us. Praise to the Lord! What a perfect timing! My youngest daughter is turning 12 soon, and I have worked with kids of that age at Sunday school. Their interests and views are so much different, it is very interesting, but the fact that I am not a teacher was scaring me. I was looking for something special for them, and it turned out to be so close. I am praying for the best way to use your materials with them. Right now I am enjoying the pamphlets and “CREATOR” with my daughter.
I have devoured three magnificent books in three days. It is not surprising that Burgen was rewarded with golden medal for the first book; I would have given him ten medals fro the second one as well. I am so glad to have those books, as well as so glad that they are written in such a good natural Russian. And it is such a pleasure that “Center for Science and Apologetics” happened to be not far from us. Great! Off course, it would be very good if as many kids as it possible could have a “Big Difference” book for themselves and their friends. I just want to offer the book to them.
Thank you very much for the video materials. It is such a pity that it was so close, but we did not participate in it. Let’s trust the Lord. His things are always in time. I prayed about the necessity of the ministry for that age. And I got the answer! I have found out a lot from your materials: things I did not know, things I understood wrong. God touched me, and a lot of my pain was cleaned away. My family relationships were down and out. I am so thankful to the books that gave me strength in love, helped me to come to the Father, and to see everything in a different way.
--Laenko Nelly, Evpatoria, Ukraine.

...I have bought your books “Evolution of the Myth”, and “Weird and Wonderful” at the store on Sunday, the 27th of February. I have read both of the books at once. I liked them so much, that I decided to buy more books, and give them away to my friends as gifts. I went to the store the next day, but unfortunately, I was able to buy only three last “Evolution of the Myth” copies, and “Weird and Wonderful” was already sold out. So now the books are the most valuable ones in my library. I am going to tell about the books everywhere I can.
--Muromtseva Olga, Moscow region, Russia.

...Thank you very much for your care and for the wonderful (intelligible) pamphlets. It is a great opportunity for me to have such a connection with you. I have not even guessed how close were the answers to a lot of the questions that I and my children often ask.
--Sister in Christ, Nelly Laenko,Evpatoria.

...I would like to thank you for your work, which is of great need and use. I am going to read your books with my kids for they could be strengthened in the truth.
--Plakhotnikov Andrei

...There are not enough words in my scanty lexicon to express my joy and thankfulness for five books you sent me. The Lord himself helps me to comprehend his Word and learn about his Creation through your ministry! The books are like a gift from Heaven for me. I regain my mental sight a bit with God’s help. I’m over fifty years old and only now I begin to grasp the true meaning of this life. I am a new believer in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The five books I received from you (dealing with message about God’s Creation, man, and God the Creator) were exactly what I need now.
--Radnevich I. Sergei, Byelorussia

...It is great pleasure to see more and more people becoming believers day by day due to your ministry. It happens because of inner changes inside of a person. These kinds of changes have occurred in me.
--Nikolay, Simferopol, Ukraine

...I express deep appreciation on behalf of everyone who found your ministry helpful in strengthening the faith in only living God. I praise God because there was His will for distributing materials of Christian Center for Science and Apologetics. Beside Christian perspective, your materials contain scientific approach to the historical data and events.
--Priemko Sergei, from imprisonment

...Our parish is named after Blessed Virgin Seeking of the Lost icon. I am writing you off the blessing (assignment – S.G.) of our rev. father George. Your book entitled The Worldwide Flood has reached Ural Mountains. I thanks low bow to you for the knowledge you openly share and for bright flame of faith living in your soul, which reached even our remote region to warm us as well.
--Nadezhda, Russia

...I often find answers to the questions I am interested in from your tracts. From the books you sent me I would like to emphasize Sergei Golovin’s Evolution of the Myth (How Man became an Ape). It is true that disproving evolutionary myth about origin of man and the higher animals is not an easy task at all. I am praying of your ministry. I wish you vast blessings.
--Vladimir Gudzenko, Russia.

...I watched your video and decided to write you an appreciation letter for I can fill that I am not lonely concerning my views at this life. In the program you broadcast I utterly agree with spirituality and Christian love, which pour light in a quite different way at Charles Darwin’s Evolution Theory. I am willing to communicate with people that share my views in order we could sharpen each other spiritually, help each other, and defend our beliefs.
--Alekseev Vitaliy, Ukraine

...I am a tutor at orphanage. There are about 50 children (3 through 17 years old) here. I teach children Bible stories, psychology of interpersonal relations, and convey lessons of kindness. I often use at my lessons articles from CREATOR magazine. Children enjoy it very much.
--Kutseval D. Nina

...I recently watched your TV program. I can utterly agree with you that the wonder of life, which we can observe and part of which we are, could never come to be through evolutionary processes. I am a physician by occupation. Even when I was a student, I could not agree with Charles Darwin’s Theory.
--Fuad Murotov, Ukraine

...I would like to thank you for the videos you broadcast. They are of great interest and what is most important of great use; your videos are very educative. We perceive the truth due to your programs and your videos.
--Zolotorevskaya L.B. Mar’yanovka Village, Ukraine

...I praise the Lord for you. I have an opportunity to write you again to say that what you are doing is significant in The Lord’s opinion, I believe, since it helps to strengthen a believer and challenge non-believer to reflect on his worldview. Operating with valid data and evidences one could have much more objective understanding after all. It encourages a lot.
--Bandurov Alexander, Vladivostok (Far East), Russia.

...We watch your TV programs with great interest. We express frank thankfulness for such a fascinating and educative videos that reveal the majesty and wisdom of the Creator. The videos are made very professionally; they are interesting for people of all nations, professions, and ages. They unmask notorious Evolution Theory and praise our Lord.
--Tkachuk family, Dubyaga I.L., Dubyaga A.V., Raskina V.F., Simferopol, Ukraine

...I like your TV programs very much. It is of great need; I hope God will provide more programs of such kind on our TV. I hope with God’s help more people will find the truth and realize who our Creator is. May God help you in your ministry and protect you and your families from any evil.
--Kravets Elena, Eupatoria, Ukraine

...I watch your programs with great interest. They clearly and easily tell about living God. I am sure that many people can get to know about God thru them.
--Zelenkov Roman, Mityaevo Village, Ukraine

...I am writing you concerning your book Worldwide Flood: Myth, Legend or Reality. I thank you very much for working in this area and for production of this kind of literature! To say that this work has a huge significance is to say nothing! Often I used to think as a believer, as an Orthodox Christian concerning the problem of Earth and life origin. You know, I got puzzled because of divergent views between Holy Scripture and science relating to these questions. On one hand, Holy Scripture is worth of any trust but on the other hand, how man should deal with all scientific “theories” based on so-called “data” that also should have been trustworthy. This question harassed me a lot until your book cleared everything up! What a pleasure man could have when the Scripture is corroborated! The faithless world is in extreme need for your books! May God help you in your ministry!
--Vyazkov Aleksey, Pyatigorsk, South Russia

...I and my colleagues would be absolutely ungrounded without your materials. Communicating young people (I work mostly with teenagers and young adults) on the principles of Christian ethics, I have to undermine their materialistic thinking and evolutional worldview first. This is almost impossible without powerful facts of science you supplied me and my colleagues with.
--Victoria Fedirko, iterant evangelist; teacher of Christian Ethics at state schools. Sarny, West Ukraine.

...Your scientific articles about pithecanthropus and about Darwin are not bad at all. Schoolteachers of Biology, Geography and History really need to read them.
--Shevchenko Michael, Ukraine

...I personally wish to express thankfulness for the love you express towards our church. I mean the gift of literature and videocassettes that you graciously gave us. May God bless you! I am in charge of our church library. I have never seen any books being in such a demand as yours. I am not surprised by the reaction of people, because it utterly met my expectations about your materials.
--Tkachuk I., Ukraine

...May I thank you for your books. They are extremely interesting and masterfully crafted. I teach ‘Philosophy of Science’ and ‘Ecology’ courses at colleges of Moscow. Therefore I constantly use your materials and always recommend them to my students.
--Prof. Dmitriy Troitskiy, PhD (Chemistry).

...My wife Oksana and I were always interested in creationism. I was interested in theological aspect of creationism and Oksana (hydrobiologist by occupation) was interested in scientific aspect of creationism. We deem all Christians should be aware of basic knowledge of scientific creationism; teach their children of it and resist against atheistic Evolution Theory. That is why we thank God for you and you ministry.
--Sachko A. Vladislav, pastor of Christian Life church in Obukhov, Russia.

...We diligently keep on repeating that publications of your Center help us very much in perception of this world. Please, keep us informed about what is going on in the field of creationism.
--Ivahenko E. Igor, Russia

...Lord’s servant Irina upon reading your book called Evolution of the Myth. How Man Became an Ape was very happy that she finally could find scientific theory, which refute Darwin’s Evolution and prove divine origin of man. Your book appeared in a proper time; and we are thankful to God for this providence.
--Irina, Sunday School teacher at Every Mourning Man’s Joy church, Ukraine

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