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“After more than 10 years of being with Christ, after thousands of sermons heard (and delivered!), after all the courses I took and the books I read, I found out that I had absolutely no idea what I existed for. Your book was a great answer to that question. Thank you so much.”
Pastor Sashko Pasko (Transcarpathia) commenting on the book “In the Image and Likeness. The Origin, Essence and Purpose of Man” (introduction to biblical anthropology).

This is amazing work that will bless many more generations! Our association has been planting the churches in the North of India since 2014, so the issue of message contextualization and the warning about the dangers of colonial missionary work is very relevant to us.”
Pastor Andrey Bondarenko (Central Ukraine) sharing his impressions of the book “Crosscultural Evangelism.”

Thank you so much for your wonderful resources! The works of Christian Center for Science and Apologetics is a fresh, gentle wind that helps us to lead our young people in learning both the design of God’s creation and His holly will.
Gennady Sidorov, Ph.D. (Biology) and Olga Shustova, Ph.D. (Philosophy), Omsk, Russia.

Thank you very much for the ministry and the work of CCSA. I am impressed the most by your the focus on publishing Christian textbooks on Science (wonderfully designed!) for the future generation. You have taken the right and very promising direction in guiding the young.
--Yelena Titova, Ph.D, biochemist, Byelorussia

I am using materials of Christian Center for Science and Apologetics for a long time. It is an extremely important ministry that translates, produces and distributes a lot of resources - books, videos and curricula. All my requests are always responded immediately with accuracy, care and encouragement. I can not imagine how would I defend the truth without the CCSA resources! You are doing God's work, brothers!"
Yevgeniy Chebikin - Yekaterinburg, Russia.

I keep in my hands "God's Design. Our Planet Earth" in Russian. How wonderful the book is in many ways! I would like to thank the authors and publishers of the textbook that does not leave indifferent neither children, nor adults. I hope that other textbooks of the curriculum will be published as well. The book opens mind of a child, encourages thinking about the wonders and miracles of the created world we live in; about greatness of its Creator, and His love to a man.
Yevgeniya Kreyer, a grandmother, former Physics teacher

The 'Biblical Strategy for Evangelism' workshop communicates God's truth in such a plain, clear and simple way, it makes me want to listen to it over and over again. It helped me to see how many mistakes I make talking to with unbelievers. I realized that in the first place it is important to find a time to listen to a person to understand one's problems. We can not share the Good News effectively without making a diagnosis first
Valentina, Sevastopol

The workshop was exactly what I needed; it was an answer to my prayers. I listened all seminars with great interest. Something I did not understand before became so clear. Evangelism is an art of listening, rather than talking. If we do not listen to a person, we will not be able to understand one's needs
Natalia, Sevastopol

May our Lord and Savior be praised for providing the foundation of your ministry! The ministry that is not settled somewhere in America or in Europe, but works here in Ukraine, and particularly in Crimea. When I was a child I used to visit Crimea quite often. It is such a great blessing that God has raised up a science and apologetics ministry in the land of militant atheism. I highly appreciate the materials that I received from you. They will be a great support for me in exploring the Scriptures. May the Lord send abundant blessings to your ministry!
Oleg Karpov


"The seminars were like a drink of fresh water. Strategy of Evangelism, Creation Science, Theology of Marriage - all your seminars cover the aspects of apologetics so necessary for Christians who otherwise doubt and do not understand their own message and speak only religious vernacular hardly understandable by people the Lord has sent us to. Today in the era of information it is very important to know the evidences that prove to the biblical truth - God is the Creator. It was very encouraging to find out that the modern science is a child of Christian worldview and many great scientists were dedicated Christians. The seminars strengthen our faith and equips the Church for sharing it with those who reject God the Creator. Thank you very much for your ministry and the time you shared with us. It was a great blessing for us. You have showed us a model for proper ministry."
Sergei Terentyev, pastor. "Golgotha" evangelical church, Rovno.


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