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Item №
Source & Item No.(English)
1 Who am I? Geoff Chapman CRT
2 Guide to Transitional Fossils part1 part2 CRT
3 Origin of Skin Color Lane Lester
4 Genetics: Enemy of Evolution Lane Lester
5 Why Noah's Drunkenness Sergei Golovin CSA
6 Christian Origin of Science Peter Hodson FCS
7 Moon: Evidence for Special Creation Paul Garner CSM #273
8 Theory of Evolution & Sanctity of Life Geoff Chapman CRT
9 You can't Believe in God These Days Geoff Chapman CRT
10 Population Growth & Time Span of Human History Paul Nicholls CSM #301
11 Pagan Elements in Modern Ecological Movement A. Goryainov CSA
12 Our Young Universe Geoff Chapman CSM #265
13 Religious Nature of Scientific Method Sergei Golovin CSA
14 Can the Soul be Sick Dmitri Pobersky CSA
15 Ice Age And History of Mankind Sergei Golovin CSA
16 Information: the Third fundamental Quantity Werner Gitt CSM # 276
17 What is Good and What is Bad Sergei Golovin CSA
18 Origin of Man David Rosevear CSM #306
19 Miocene Man: Human Remains from Lower Miocene Bill Cooper CSM #234
20 Anthropoid Features in the Animal World Gordon Simmons CSM #294
21 Mountains on the Scales Sergei Golovin CSA
22 The Genesis Foundation Ken Ham CSM #266
23 Culture Gap Peter Grace CSM #282
24 On the Rocks Paul Garner CSM #305
25 Metamorphosis: World of Butterflies Brian Graham-Hill CSM #257
26 Creation/Evolution Fact Sheet LAF
27 Earth, Moon & Tides Malcolm Bowden CSM #308
28 History of Life Lane Lester CSQ
29 Origin of the Species: Are there Limits to Variation? Esme Geering CSM #287
30 Ecological Crisis - Crisis in Ecological Doctrine Andrei Goryainov CSA
31 Instincts and Creation E. Johansen/Carron CSM # 291
32 Paley in Perspective David Watson CSM #290
33 Myth of Chemical Evolution Lawerence Craft CSM #267
34 Collaboration in Nature: Accident or Planned? T.W. Carron CSM #100
35 God & the Extraterrestrials Werner Gitt CeN
36 Double Trouble (Liberal Theology & Evolution) Greg Hanington CeN
37 Genesis in Chinese Calligraphy David Rosevear CSM #284
38 Where has all the Water Gone? Henry Morris CRS #291
39 No Room for Compromise Farid Abou-Rahme CSM #316
40 Time in the Scripture Sergei Golovin CSA
41 Cloning Duane Gish ICR
42 Decrease in the Speed of Light Malcolm Bowden CSM #262
43 The Bombardier Beetle David Rosevear CSM #233
44 The Funeral of a Great Myth C.S.Lewis CSL
45 Mount St Helens Stephen Austin CSM #252
46 Jonah: History or Just a Story Bill Cooper CSM #315
47 The Pattern in Fossils Record Paul Garner CSM #312
48 A possible Flood Mechanism Graham Fisher CSM # 288
49 Medical Account on Crucifixion Truman Davis Typed script
50 The World of Ants Brian Grantham-Hill CSM #268
51 The Ice Age and Biblical Time-Scale David Rosevear CSM #283
52 Is Anyone There? Geoff Chapman CRT
53 Cloning: Redefining Life Begins Kelly Hollowell ICR
54 The Laying Down of Marine Sediments Guy Berthault CSM #281
55 The Recent Change in the Tilt of Earth's Axis Malcolm Bowden CSM #236
56 Creation and Quantum Mechanics Don DeYiung ICR
57 Eclipse. The Day the Light Went Out Bill Cooper CSM #325
58 The Young Faint Sun Paradox Danny Faulkner ICR
59 Alleged Evolutionary Ancestors Marvin Lubenov ISR
60 Was There a Big Bang? David Rosevear CSM #317
61 Geological Fallacies Geoff Chapman CSM #270
62 Moral Compass Erik Andren CSA
63 The World of Woodpeckers Brian Gratham-Hill CSM #292
64 Molecular Biology David Rosevear CSM # 261
65 Hitler's Debt to Darwin Anthony Nevard CSM #329
66 Giraffes Lynn Hofland CeN
67 Rheumatological Riddles Verna Wright CSM #258
68 Nuclear Chronometry Vladyslav Olkhovsky CSA
69 From Evolution to Creation Garry Parker ICR
70 Archaeoraptor Steven Austin ICR
71 Lava Dome at Mount St. Helen Keith Svenson ICR
72 How Scientific Research Is Conditioned By Worldview Sergei Golovin CSA
73 When Was the Global Flood? A.V. Lalomov CSA
74 An Evolution Quiz David Sack CSM#332
75 Golden Deposits and Earth History A.V. Lalomov CSA
76 The Enigma of the Ice-Age Ian Taylor CSA
77 Joshua's Long Day Malcolm Bowden CSM#333
78 The Unselfish Green Gene David Demick CSM#325
79 Neanderthals Are Still Human! Dave Phillips ICR
80 Science and the Bible Roger Price CSM#254
81 Anglo-Saxon Dinosaurs Bill Cooper CSM#280
82 Languge: was it evelved? Dr. Clifford Wilson CSM#239
83 Food for thought S. Famularo CSM#253
84 Dogmatic Darwinism Michael J. Behe The Morley Institute
85 Can Life arise Spontaneously? David Rosevear CSM#331
86 Is the evolution real from the point of view of the nowadays geology? A.V. Lalomov CSA
87 Human Genome: What Does It All Mean? Margaret Helder Creation Science Dialogue
88 Ten Problems with Embryonic Stem Cell Research Kelly Hollowell, Ph.D ICR
89 Cosmological scripts G.A. Kalyabin CSA
90 Ancient calendars and the age of the Earth


91 Einstein’s Gulf: Can Evolution Cross It? John W. Oller, Jr., Ph.D. CSM#327
92 The Psychology of Atheism Paul C. Vitz New York University, Department of Psychology
93 Thought Mikhail Zanin, Anatoliy Lisovskiy CSA
94 The human genome: A creationist overview Todd Charles Wood ICR#334
95 Did fish give rise to tetrapods? Paul Garner CSM#336
96 Evolution is Religion - Not Science Henry M. Morris ICR#332
97 Whales: No Evidence of Evolution Malcolm Bowden CSM#341
98 Evidence for Chistianity William Lane Craig CSA
99 Does Man Have Extra Organs? An Instructive Story About How Surgeons Believed Darwin Alexander Khomenkov CSA
100 Dating Niagara Falls John D. Morris ICR#334
101 Comets:Partents of doom or indications of youth? Jonathan Sarfati "Creation"#5 2003
102 The Voyage of the "Beagle"-in the creator`s service Louis Lavallee ICR#358
103 Homologies Leonard R. Brand Loma Linda University
104 Sea dragons Mace Baker ICR#362
105 Life from space? Mike Matthews AiG
106 Butterflies & Moths R. Cambridge CSM#348
107 The Evolving Humanist Manifestos Henry M. Morris ICR#178
108 Ñarbon dating undercuts evolution’s long ages John Baumgardner ICR#364
109 Biology Confronts Evolution Joseph Mastropaolo ICR#368
110 In the time of Peleg: Division of the Earth Andrew Sibley CSM#350
111 Mediated design Todd Charles Wood ICR#363
112 New RATE data support a young world D. Russell Humphreys ICR#366
113 Irreducible complexity Woodmorappe, J CMI
114 The “baby doctor”, Benjamin Spock, on Darwin and morality Jerry Bergman ICR#356
115 The Mathematical Impossibility of Evolution Henry Morris ICR#179
116 The Cosmological Beliefs of the Indians Bill Johnson ICR#369
117 Frequently asked questions David Rosevear ICR#352
118 A Story of Two Professors Jerry Bergman ICR#372
119 Radioisotope Dating of Grand Canyon Rocks: Another Devastating Failure for Long-age Geology Andrew A. Snelling ICR#376
120 Darwin’s Impact:The bloodstained legacy of evolution Jerry Bergman AiG
121 The “Evolution” Of Antibiotic Resistance Daniel Criswell ICR#378
122 Ice Age End Near 1500 B. C. James I. Nienhuis GV
123 Archaeopteryx A Bird-Brained Flyer Andrew Sibley CSM#353
124 The Early Writing of the Gospel Bill Cooper CSM#357
125 The Christian foundations of the rule of law in the West: a legacy of liberty and resistance against tyranny Augusto Zimmerman CMI
126 Supremely Doubtable Dogma James I. Nienhuis
127 Evidence for a young world D. Russell Humphreys ICR#384
128 Glaciation or Flood? U.N. Golubchikoff CSA
129 Who Were the Sons of God in Genesis 6? David Livingston GV
130 Are hurricanes getting more destructive? Larry Vardiman ICR#390
131 What Makes Us Human? Dan Criswell ICR#331
132 Wollemia nobilis: A Living Fossil and Evolutionary Enigma Andrew A. Snelling ICR#394
133 The Future of Creationism John K. Reed ICR#331
134 Confirmation of Rapid Metamorphism of Rocks Andrew A. Spelling ICR#392
135 Ecological crisis: is Christianity to be blamed? Vyacheslav Alexeyev CSA
136 Gospel and Ray Bradbury's Science Fiction Vyacheslav Alexeyev CSA
137 Darwinism's influence on modern racists and white supremacist groups: the case of David Duke Jerry Bergman CMI
138 Darwin’s passion for hunting and killing Jerry Bergman ICR#383
139 The Anthropic Principle David Rosevear CSM#355
140 Are Polar Ice Sheets Only 4500 Years Old? Michael J. Oard ICR#361
141 Ethical Implications of Evolution Andrew Sibley CSM#306
142 Eugenics… death of the defenceless:The legacy of Darwin's cousin Galton Russell Grigg CMI
143 A Few Reasons an Evolutionary Origin of Life Is Impossible Duane T. Gish ICR#403
144 Adam and Eve, Vitamin C, and Pseudogenes Daniel Criswell ICR#407
145 Do tsunamis come in super-size? William A. Hoesch and Steven A. Austin ICR#382
146 The Rapid Ascent of Basalt Magmas Andrew A. Snelling ICR
147 Quotes by Famous Evolutionists
148 Creative Evolution: An Anti-Darwin Theory Won a Nobel Jerry Bergman ICR#409
149 Is evolution pseudoscience? Mark Johansen CMI
150 Stalin’s ape-man Superwarriors Russell Grigg CMI
151 Hitler’s ‘master-race’ children haunted by their past Russell Grigg CMI
152 The Code of Life: Little Words, Big Message Daniel Criswell ICR
153 The necessity for believing in six literal days Ken Ham CMI
154 Life: a gift from God days Mathew Piercy CMI
155 Genesis: Bible authors believed it to be history Jonathan Sarfati CMI
156 Evolution Is Not Based on Natural Laws Duane T. Gish ICR
157 Can Mathematics Go Without a Worldview? Byl, John CSA
158 The Culture of China as an Evidence of Genesis Igor Kurlyanov CSA
159 Why the epidemic of fraud exists in science today Jerry Bergman CMI
160 Theistic Evolution and the Creation-Evolution Controversy Jerry Bergman ICR
161 Insufficient Design Henry M. Morris ICR
162 Is “String” the next big thing? (Theories about cosmic evolution dangle by a thread) Gary Bates CMI
163 The origins of language: an investigation of various theories Michelle French CMI
164 About Scientific and Worldview Aspects of Two Biological Doctrins - Macroevolution And The Intelligent Design Vladyslav S.Olkhovsky CSA
165 Does logic need faith? Merrill Callaway CMI
166 Nuclear decay: evidence for a young world D.Russell Humphreys, Ph.D. ICR
167 Creation Cosmologies Solve the Spacecraft Mystery D.Russell Humphreys, Ph.D. ICR
168 The Genetic Puppeteer David White CMI
169 Haeckel: legacy of fraud to popularise evolution Pauli J. Ojala and Matti Leisala CMI
170 The flat-earth myth and creationism Jerry Bergman CMI
171 Radiocarbon in “ancient” fossil wood Snelling, A.A AiG
172 Using the Bible to Prove the Bible. Are biblical creationists guilty of circular reasoning? Jonathan Sarfati AiG
173 Darwin and the Fuegians Russell Grigg CMI
174 Extrasolar planets with organic materials Wayne Spencer CMI
175 Big birdosaur blues: new fossil creates problems for dino-to-bird evolution Shoun Doyle CMI
176 Is Genesis poetry / figurative, a theological argument (polemic) and thus not history? Critique of the Framework Hypothesis Dr Don Batten, Dr David Catchpoole, Dr Jonathan D. Sarfati and Dr Carl Wieland CMI

PERIODICAL - Creator (3 sheets i.e. 8pp plus wksht). Emphasizing creation evidences. Also has a worksheet insert. It is great for school kids.


AiG - Answers in Genesis
CSA - Christian Center for Science Apologetics
CeN - Creation ex nihilo
CMI - Journal of Creation, Creation Magazine, TJ
CRS - Creation Research Society
CRT - Creation Resources Trust (Great Britain)
CSL - C.S.Lewis Pte Ltd
CSM - Creation Science Movement
ICR - Institute for Creation Researches
FCS - Farmington Institute for Christian Studies
GV - Genesis Veracity
LAF - Louisiana Citizens for Academic Freedom in Origins

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