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In 2018

CCX 25th anniversary
CCX 25th anniversary

The month started with a joyful event – the 25th anniversary celebration of “CCX” (Christian Students Fellowship; see the pictures attached). This is quite a history. For almost half of this term, I have had the joy and privilege to head its board; watching how it grows from a foreign mission into a national movement. We are still partnering in various projects. Given the ongoing turnover of its members, it’s staggering to think how many students have gone through the Fellowship and how it has impacted not only their lives, but also the lives which they influenced as professionals afterwards. Praise the Lord! I have a strong conviction that student ministries are strategic both for the church and for national development. Many stress the importance of preaching the Good News to scientists, medical doctors, economists, politicians, military officers, etc. However, the most effective and fruitful way to do it is when they are still students. Please pray with us for this glorious ministry, for its workers and for their impact on the colleges and universities nationwide.

Bible Day
Bible Day

The Day of the Bible at the town of Boyarka was another blessing of the month (see the pictures attached). Equipping God's people to proclaim God's Word effectively is the top priority of our ministry. We use every opportunity the Lord provides to teach how important it is to stand on the firm foundation of the biblical truth without compromising it in any way.

Youth Club
That was also the point of the discussion at the Youth Club (see the picture attached). Also, this is the key focus of our monthly events at the Reliable Foundations Apologetics Online Club. Please ask the Lord to provide more opportunities for sharing and more wisdom for us to use these opportunities best.

Various media – video, audio, internet, books – are great tools to increase the effectiveness of the mission. Nevertheless, whatever technical tools we use, human ideas, creativity and energy is the main resource the Lord has blessed us with. Every event is the tip of the iceberg hinting at the efforts our team is making (both on the mainland and in the Crimea) to develop the content and to spread it online. We try to multiply every resource we develop with every media tool available. With the help of our friends and partners at the Evangelical Theological Seminary we have recorded 12 seminars on the Biblical Foundations for Science (see the pictures attached).

Science and The Bible 1997
Science and The Bible 2018
Science and The Bible 2018
They are available online along with other videos and audios we produce. We also stock the libraries of seminaries with top priority books and audiovisuals to make them available to students (see picture attached). Please join our prayers for a better use of all these resources for the sake of the Kingdom.

Equipping libraries

The video version of the training course on Cross-cultural Evangelism is now complete. Now we are updating PowerPoint presentations of the course and developing a textbook to train the future national missionaries to minister cross-culturally. Please do not hesitate to share this info with any ministry that could benefit from such a resource in Russian. Please keep this work in your prayers so that it brings more fruit for the Kingdom’s greater glory!

We also continue to prepare for the Children Summer Camp to share the message of the Lord with children hurt by the war from the frontline town of Avdeievka, trusting that the Lord will provide us with everything necessary for it. Please pray with us for this project – for the funding, vision, safety, for the workers and children.

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