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In 2018

Online Club

This month we have completed the Noah’s Flood season at the Reliable Foundations Apologetics Online Club (see the picture attached). We intend to start the season of the Biblical Foundations for Science in April. I have a feeling it will be the longest season we have ever had – there are so many questions and issues we have to discuss. It is amazing to see how the focus of the issues people are most open to discuss shifts in circles through the years. 25 years ago the atheistic propaganda in the area of science was the main obstacle to faith for many. Today, this is the most open field for proclaiming biblical truth. Praised be the Lord! Please join our prayers for better use of all these resources for the sake of the Kingdom.

Worldvuew School 1
Worldvuew School 2
Worldvuew School 3
Worldvuew School 4

The work on the training manual on Cross-Cultural Evangelism goes on. The text has been completed and sent to the national cross-cultural missionaries for review. Please keep this project in your prayers so that it brings more fruit for the Kingdom’s greater glory!
At the same time, we are involved with in the training of international missionaries who are working on our national mission field at YWAM “Worldview School” (see the pictures attached). In March, we had very fruitful seminars on the issues of practical Christian ethics and biblical foundations for civil society. The seminars in April will be focused on the Science and the Bible as well. Please keep them in your prayers, too.
Doctorate classes 1
Doctorate classes 2

We invite your special prayers for the students of the first national Doctor of Ministry program who are to defend their theses in April. Meanwhile, the newly enrolled group from Ukraine and Russia has started their classes and research (see the pictures attached). Please pray with us for these pioneers who are going to develop the national traditions of Christian education in the former Soviet Union.

IDPs ministry 1
IDPs ministry 2

We are also focused on equipping the ministries to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) for effective evangelism. According to the official statistics, there are about 1.6 millions IDPs in the country and a big part of them are people aged 50+ who lost all the possessions they had kept collecting through all their life in the hope to have a comfortable retirement. They are in need of food, clothing and places to live. But most of all they are in great need of hope – the hope only Jesus can give. These people are very open to the Message. The ministries that work with them are extremely thankful for the printed and media evangelism resources we provide that enable them to share the message along with humanitarian aid (see the pictures attached). Please pray for these people! May the Lord open their hearts for His message!

Biblical View of Marriage Seminar
Ladies Studies on Marriage
Youth Studies on Sexuality

The Lord keeps pouring blessings by providing more opportunities to serve. Special blessings of the month were the seminars on the biblical view of marriage (see the pictures attached). The extreme joy for me personally was the one for the ladies I did not attend personally. After 25+ years of faithful service as the manager, accountant, assistant, nurse, etc., my beloved wife and sacrificial coworker Olga has had her first experience of leading the seminar that would not have turned into an open-hearted discussion otherwise. Another great event was the youth study of the biblical view of sexuality at Dom Evangeliya (The House of Gospel) – the most senior evangelical church of the country. May the Lord be praised! Please pray with us for all the opportunities the Lord provides, and for us to be able to use them in the most fruitful way!

We also continue to prepare for the Children Summer Camp intended for the children hurt by the war from the frontline town of Avdeievka, in the hope the Lord will provide us with everything necessary for it. Please pray with us for this project – for the funding, vision, safety, for the workers and children.

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