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In 2018
New Life Church Lviv
Students Media Team Kharkiv
Content Development Team. Rivne

September is the beginning of a new academic year in our part of the world. That means it is the time for the analysis of past projects and for the launch of new ones. Our main activity of the month has been travelling around the country from the easternmost (Kharkiv) to the westernmost part (Lviv) visiting the co-workers, partners, board members, advisors, volunteers, feedback experts and many other friends who make up the network of our ministry and the Eurasian Apologetics Society movement for introducing the Truth to skeptics, strengthening the saints in their confidence in the Truth and equipping God's people to proclaim God's Word effectively (see the pictures attached).

Administrative Council Meeting
Church Leaders Seminar Kiev

The Administrative Council Meeting with Mike Schrage, the Good News Production International President, had important strategic significance

Site Statistics
(see the picture attached). We were evaluating recent past and planning future developments to increase the ministry’s effectiveness through modern media, such as social networks and the Internet – the marketplace of the 19th century, the very platform where people come for news and share ideas exactly as they did at the Athens’ Agora in the 1st century. We can see how high the demand is! Thousands of subscribers follow our ministry posts on the social media. The resources available via the main content site have been requested by people from 75 countries during the year! (See the map attached). According to the approach recommended in 2Timothy 2:2, we have to equip leaders who will train others to fill the Internet with the biblical content for the glory of the Lord!
Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary Administration
Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary Graduation

After the decisions made at the meeting we talked to the administration of the Kremenchug Evangelical Seminary and had two meetings with the administration of the Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary (the third visit to UES was a joyful event of Seminary graduations, see the pictures attached) making arrangements for the summer camps to train the leaders of the national media ministries. Please pray with us for these strategically important projects.

The First Book Museum

While traveling to the partners in the Western Ukraine we purposefully took a detour to stop by the Peresopnitsa Gospel Museum (or The First / The Main Book as they call it traditionally) at the place where the very first translation of the four Gospels into Ukrainian was made in the mid-16th century – the book on which the Presidents of Ukraine swear their oath at their inauguration. The museum has a rather modest budget, and the Head of the Research Department was very thankful for the little gift we contributed to their collection of various translations of the Gospels – copies in Crimean Tatar and in Roma made by our good friends from the Pioneer Bible Translators (see the picture attached). Please join our prayers for the Museum to continue as a memory of the Gospel heritage in our part of the world!

The new academic year has also started for the three “virtual schools” we are developing using the partner ministries’ infrastructure in order to be more effective in training and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. The first one is the Reliable Foundations Apologetics Online Club. We started it again after the summer break and continue with the issues related to Science and the Bible. It is available to everyone either to attend in person or watch and ask questions online. 

International Center for Christian Leadership
International Center for Christian Leadership
International Center for Christian Leadership

The Joint School of Christian Apologetics is formally a part of the International Center for Christian Leadership. Under this umbrella, we offer our courses and seminars at a wide range of seminaries and Christian colleges. This time the seminar on the Biblical Foundations for Civil Society was offered at the ICCL venue itself (see the pictures attached).

School of Biblical Christian Worlview
School of Biblical Christian Worlview
School of Biblical Christian Worlview
It was a great encouragement for us to have a student from Russia, since few have been coming after the war broke out and they have been subjected to huge political and propaganda pressure. Yet, the brothers still search for Biblical truth in spite of restrictions and watch the course online - we made a video version of it available along with the one on the Cross-cultural Evangelism. Our goal is to develop the video versions of most of our courses by next summer. Please keep these plans of ours in your prayers as well.

The third “virtual school” is the School of Biblical Christian Worldview started together with the Youth With A Mission of Kyiv and offered at their venue. The SBCW offers courses and seminars for everyone who is interested and committed to taking them. The first ones were focused on the controversy of Creation and Evolution (see the picture attached). Please pray with us for the Lord’s guidance in all these long-term projects!

One more joyful event was the great opportunity to present our 12-volume science textbooks “God’s Design” in Ukrainian at the National Book Fair

National Book Fair Lviv
National Book Fair Lviv
National Book Fair Lviv

in Lviv (please see the pictures attached). This book series is one of the major tools for shaping the worldview of future generations. May the Lord be praised!

Please keep praying for our ministry, for our team, for our families, for the finances, for God’s guidance and protection in everything we do. You are in our prayers as well.


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