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02 December 2016 By In 2016

I highly appreciate your care and prayers for my health! The main lesson I received in practice, not in theory, is how amazing our Lord is. His work is revealed in the ways that probably do not male sense to those who not know Him: His strength comes in weakness; His peace comes in the midst of troubles; His guidance comes in times of turmoil.

Ministry Eurasia
Ministry Eurasia
The doctors say complete recovery will take a couple more months, but technically I am well and back to work (not forgetting about the focus change to coaching and resource development). It was a great joy for me to have the first trip after weeks away to the headquarters of Mission Eurasia, a ministry that makes a great impact on the worldview in post-communist society. We have a lot in common in strategy and philosophy and it is a privilege for us to partner in some projects with them. What a treat it was to study God’s Word together with devoted servants of the Lord (see the pictures attached).

Presentation of the book “In the Image and Likeness. Origin, Nature and Purpose of Man” at the “Reliable Foundations” online apologetics club (see the pictures attached) was a long-awaited event postponed a couple of times while I was in the clinic. The book was mostly shaped by the year-long club discussions, nevertheless it is quite a milestone, a fruit of my 20+ years studies in Bible, apologetics, science, logic, etc. The main points of the book are following:

Book Presentation
Book Presentation
Book Presentation

  1. Man is God’s creation (Genesis 1:27);
  2. The purpose of man is to be God’s image – a visible presence of the Creator in creation and His acting agent in it (Genesis 1:26);
  3. Even after the fall, man has the ability (though limited by sin) and responsibility to take care of creation and develop it;
  4. Only in Jesus, the perfect Son of God, the image’s perfection, can it be restored by the work of Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:18)

I believe this is a very important teaching for our part of the world where salvation is often preached as pie in the sky, but rarely as a task for fulfilling this purpose.

 “In the Image and Likeness” is second book in Russian that came out of the “Reliable Foundations” online apologetics club discussions. The fruit of last year was the book “The Bible and Politics”. This year we have expanded the club related publications to the Ukrainian languageas well by publishing a “Reliable Foundations” series of three books:


  • “Bible and Logic: Foundations for Right (i.e. correct) Thinking”
  • “Bible and Ethics: Foundations for Right (righteous) Life”
  • “Bible and Politics: Foundations for Right (just) Society”


As a result this year we have published 14 books (11 new titles and 3 updated editions and reprints) despite the dispersion of our team and infrastructure by the war! Praise the Lord!

The year was extremely joyful and fruitfulin many other respects as well. Our proactive strategy is finding, training and equipping the faithful ones according to the 2 Timothy 2:2 model forimpacting the worldview  of post-communist countries for the sake of the Kingdom. This year we have had opportunities to speak, teach and share with people from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Central Asia applying our strategy at all levels from preschool to academia working with:


Pastors, ministers and teachers


  • Visiting Central Asia Apologetics Society leaders and teaching at Central Asian School of Apologetics
  • Teaching a Bible and Civil Society course
  • Teaching at the Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary to leaders from all over the former Soviet Union
  • Teaching seminars on Science, the Bible and Creation Evangelism
  • Teaching a doctorate course on Apologetics in relation to a Biblical Strategy for Evangelism for ministers
  • Teaching a series of Genesis 1-3 based seminars on the foundations of a Biblical worldview and its development among students for International Association for the Development of Christian Education




  • Retreat with the leaders of the Evangelical Students Fellowship
  • Science and the Bible students’ club at the largest national university of Western Ukraine in Lviv. About a half of the audience were unbelievers, most of the rest - new believers.
  • Teaching at Youth Mission School


Children and Family


  • Training selected teenagers to be church and society leaders at Daniel School
  • Being involved with starting a new project Together Forever Family Club
  • Leading a conference on biblical foundations on family arranged for the Subcarpathian Roma (Gypsy) churches
  • Hosting our first full-scale family camp at the Nieuwenhuis Training Center in Crimea




  • Hosting and organizing Project Nomad training in Kiev for about 12 students and in Kharkov for 16 students
  • Granting permission to use our resources to a national-wide FM radio station Emmanuel
  • Developing a completely new Q&A Christian Apologist Companion mobile application for Android based smartphones and tablets that compiles data from various resources
  • Hosting yet another season of Reliable Foundationsopen online apologetics club


We givepraise to the Lord for keeping us and our families safe in all of our travels across time zones, political regimes, borders and checkpoints; for the miracles He works with our health by strengthening the bodies that would not make it without His healing power; surrounding us with brothers and sisters all around the globe, whose hearts, hands and prayers keeps us up as we move forward in our service. Blessed be the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is, was and is to come!
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