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26 August 2015 By In 2015

According to the meteorologists it was the hottest month in our part of the world in decades. It was a pretty hot time for the ministry as well. As you know, a new segment was added to what we are doing due to the situation – helping internally displaced persons (IDPs). It is a great joy and blessing for us to share with others the care and encouragement we receive from you while we travel, visit, listen and help where we can.

We have proved ourselves in an extremely important facet of that task - supervising children who have come to the mainland from Crimea to enable them to graduate from high schools and attend universities, while their parents remain in the occupied territories. Despite the impact of stress, shock and other issues related to life of a displaced child away from home and family, all of them did a great job and entered the universities of their dreams! That is a great victory for each one of them!

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