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In 2015
Training courses and seminars at the Nieuwenhuis Training Center and local churches
internet ministry02   crimea seminar
Seminars at the Nieuwenhuis Training Center
internet ministry01

The school and holidays have provided an opportunity to do a lot during this past month. The Crimea team has started to develop and provide training courses and seminars at the Nieuwenhuis Training Center and local churches (see the picture attached). We are going to promote the seminars on unrestricted issues (dealing with history, family, etc.) at the NTC web site http://novydom.org/. For the restricted issues (like evangelism, the biblical view on civil society etc.) teaching we are going to use the Internet and media resources mostly. We had a fruitful retreat on developing ideas and approaches for ministry through Internet networks and services (see the pictures attached). As you know, our media resources have been used by ministries in restricted areas for some time now. Now, since Crimea is becoming a restricted area as well, we are even more devoted to that goal. Our workers are coming to the mainland from time to time in order to attend an intensive additional training course for that. Please pray with us for safety of both that work and of the travel across the confrontation line.

A new media project came up as a follow up of our book “Scientists of God” publishing. Through several generations worldview of people in our part of the world was shaped by atheistic textbook on science, and everyone believed that all great scientists mentioned there are atheists by default. Many told us how greatly they were challenged through finding from the book that the vast majority of modern science founders were devoted believers and were led in their researches by their convictions. We have decided to go on in this direction and produce a series of short videos after lives of the great scientists (like one on Louis Pasteur ). We have also started a serious on The Moment of Creation 90 second audios on natural evidences for the Biblical account of Creation (like http://www.scienceandapologetics.org/mp3/mt4_demo.mp3). Please keep these projects in your prayers.

Our Reliable Foundations club
foundations club
At traditional and home churches in the city of Rivne
rivne church  rivne church1  rivne church2

The work of the Lord is going on in many ways - Our Reliable Foundations club (people from various places follow it online) and Creation Evangelism seminars for children (see the pictures attached), Audio Bible in Crimean Tatar recording, developing new courses for the Joint Apologetics School. Actually, our Reliable Foundations club is a great testing ground for new issues and approaches to be used both in teaching and the ministry. The topic of this season at the club is "God and Civil Society". It teaches and encourages the body of Christ to seek a solid Biblical foundation for the changes that are going on in our part of the world. There is a of destruction to be found. People should realize that they will not be able to build anything proper unless they have the foundation of a proper worldview that can only be found in the word of God. We appreciate your prayers for this as well!

A trip to western Ukraine was a great blessing. We visited our workers and volunteers who live there as well as those who have been displaced to the area by the war and occupation. We had several opportunities to share the message at traditional and home churches (see the pictures attached). But a very special blessing was provided by a planning meeting in the city of Rivne on starting a new project - the translation of Science textbooks into Ukrainian..

Ukrainian Textbooks Translation Team
ua translation team

Despite the political troubles in our part of the world we praise the Lord for the changes that we have witnessed in the mentality of the people in Ukraine. The situation is still very dangerous and involves many uncertainties, but I believe we can already estimate some tendencies and continue to make the best of the situation for the sake of the Kingdom. It may take at least a couple of years before the situation completely stabilizes, but, again, the work of the Lord should never stop.

Training for Ministry
training ministry

A major challenge that we now face is the difficulties we experience in transporting books across the confrontation line. No one delivery service works between the occupied territories of Crimea and mainland Ukraine. As in the days of communism, our brothers have to personally cross the border while carrying a quantity of the books, facing all the troubles of searches and questioning at the check-points. On the other hand there are no problems in shipping the books to Russia from Crimea. At the same time people in Ukraine are showing excitement about resources in Ukrainian language due to the civil identity development in the context of the crisis. That opens more opportunities to spread the message.

So far we have only produced books in Russian, since that language is understood and was compulsory in all counties of the former Soviet Union. But it looks like we may now have to change our strategy. We are going to use most of the books we have in stock in Crimea for distribution in Russia and other former Soviet countries, transporting only some to Ukraine according to the need. However, it would be wise to reprint Science textbooks in Ukraine - the books that are most needed due to their strategic importance in shaping the worldview of the next generation. And since we are going to print them in Ukraine for Ukraine, it would be reasonable to print them in Ukrainian. We were considering a Ukrainian version of the textbooks for the time being. However in Crimea (in the mostly Russian speaking area) we did not have a proper level of experts for doing a high quality translation. But now we have got a host of high level enthusiastic Ukrainian linguists in Western Ukraine who are really excited about the opportunity to serve the Lord that way (see the picture attached). Please pray with us for this new venture for the greater glory of the Lord!


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