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In 2015

It is amazing to see how God's work spreads despite the troubles and turmoil. Political and social unrest should not distract us from following His guidance. He is faithful, and our faithful following of His way will neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ!

That is always exciting to see how the Lord uses our efforts for His glory beyond our planning and expectations. The target audience of our course "Biblical Foundations for Civil Society" as well as the book "Bible and Politics" for which we published a textbook is believers. Our intention was to encourage God’s people for a more active involvement in transformational processes in a post-communist society for the sake of bringing more into the Kingdom. Nevertheless when Civil Activists Association, an NGO in the city of Rivne (one of the most politically influential cities of the country) got a copy of the book, they decided that "despite the religious content" it provides the clearest picture of the structure of a Civil Society among other available national resources, and decided to use it as a manual for training courses they offer. Please pray for those who are going to get that training to see clearly God's intention for society, family and every person through these courses! May they find that political activists as well as governments can influence society some through restraining evil in it. But they are not able to make people any better – only Jesus can!

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