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December 2015

26 December 2015 In 2015

Following the Lord is always an adventure! He always has something ahead for us in any situation. The first year after we had to change the ministry format for two campuses approach as well as to restore and rebuild its infrastructure, our main focus has been going deeper – developing new and updated previous tools, materials, approaches and field connections. This year we have experienced a widening of our perspective! Our expectations have been to slow down by the end of the year in order to evaluate and further plan. Nevertheless the desire of the body to be rooted in the truth and trained for effective ministry has not slowed us down at all. And we hesitate to refuse any upcoming opportunity to share for which the Lord has equipped us.

A major unplanned ahead event was a request to teach a course on Practical Christian Ethics at an Evangelical Theological Seminary for a combined group of students from both the Theology and Music departments (see the picture attached). What a joyful mixture! It allowed us to develop a much broader and colourful picture of God's plan for our lives. Please pray with us for these boys and girls who have an opportunity and desire to serve the Lord while still young! That is the opportunity that our generation was deprived of.


A city of Ukrainka became one more place for a regular (Lord willing) ministry of the Eurasian Apologetics Society. We had our first seminar on shaping a biblical worldview there (see the picture attached). It was real joy to meet with many people of various ages who came to tell us how they appreciate our books and media which they have been following for many years, and how those resources have helped them in their life with the Lord and in the spreading of His message. A FaceBook notification came that someone ( Natali Davidenko ) has mentioned the meeting on her page. Here is the note she wrote: [About 15 years ago Sergei Golovin's book "Evolution of the Myth. How Man Became as an Ape" greatly impacted the shaping of the worldview acquired from my school education. Now I can listen to him in person .] Wow! That was one of the very first books we published long ago! We praise the Lord for the signs of approval and encouragement He provides in many various ways!

The modular course "The Bible and Logic" at the Joint College of Christian Apologetics provided a great fellowship with the Lord's disciples committing themselves to be grounded in the Body of Christ through the sound biblical teaching done for the glory of the Kingdom (see the pictures attached). I am not going to teach that often at the school next year - the project has been successfully launched, and more speakers will be involved with it now, and I will be able to focus more on the regions and issues not yet adequately reached. Please pray with us for development of this project.



Another great blessing has been a discussion on the work place ministry related issues at the city of Bila Tserkva (see the pictures attached). It is exciting to see disciples of Jesus who are taking responsibility for transforming their families, their cities, and their country according to the Lord's guidance! May this movement go on and impact other post-communist countries for the glory of the King!

What a joyful year 2015 has been! It was full of challenges and full of blessing! Please pray with us for our ministry of the Truth expansion in our part of the world, for its both immediate and long-term impact on the peoples of Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries, for guidance and resources to keep the momentum going for the glory of the Kingdom and of the King!

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