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25 December 2013 By In 2013

The month has started with the "landing party" in city of Armyansk (at the bottle neck between Crimea and the mainland country) teaching intensive course on Logics for church leaders of Southern Ukraine using the Bible for examples and assignments (see the pictures attached). Since Soviet Union times schools do not teach Logics, as well as very few special University programs did. Logical illiteracy was making people vulnerable for communist propaganda. This legacy makes the church vulnerable for false teachings and God's word compromising with godless ideas. That is why we believe this is so important to edify teachers, ministers, evangelists and lay leaders in that area. All the classes were properly videotaped and will be available online for everyone after editing. Please keep the outcome in your prayers.

During that course we had a special discussion with the group on the importance of shaping next generation worldview through motivating parents to teach their kids Biblical foundations on Science - an alternative to what they are loaded with daily by post-communist totalitarian education system. Most of believers in our part of the world just do not realize that telling children about God is a part of the greatest commandment Jesus referred to (Deuteronomy 6:4-7). Being highly accustomed to the idea that the government is responsible for educating their children at school, parents think Sunday School takes care in a same way about raising them godly. No wonder parents are surprised later on why their children leave the church growing adult as well as why they think the government is going to be responsible for their elderly parents.

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