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12 December 2012 By In 2012

That was the first year since the leadership model change in our ministry – a panel of directors was created to share the ministry leadership responsibilities. Young persons (Lena and Vadeem), who became a part of our ministry during or right after their college years, got the key roles at the panel and took the load with great enthusiasm! They are doing the job so successfully, I even wonder: why do they need me at all? :) Praised be the Lord!

The geography of the ministry direct impact has increased with two more countries this year – we have visited Byelorussia and Armenia with leadership training seminars. Though the ministry in Byelorussia is still some underdeveloped (totalitarian political system suppresses any initiative), Armenian brothers established self-governing national Apologetics Society and doing active ministry through it already. Praised be the Lord!

We have attempted the first run of a new special FD-222 young apologists training program, and it turned into a great success. It enrolled fourteen participants from the former Soviet countries of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. The program is even not completed yet, but some of the participants have already started active apologetics ministry development in their regions. Praised be the Lord!

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