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In 2011

newsletter december2011 3The first “landing party” of the year was not a distant one. We went to a small town of Armyansk, 100 miles away from Simferopol (at the isthmus that connects Crimean peninsula with the mainland). We are passing the town few times a month going to and from remote landing parties. Local brothers invited us several times to stop by with the seminars on the way, but the schedule did not allowed doing that so far. Finally we decided to make a special trip to Armyansk in between of distance trips to not neglect the requests anymore.

We spent there two fruitful days doing seminars on Evangelism Biblical Strategy, on Science and the Bible, on Evil and Suffering as well as visiting with church leaders of the area. The key issue of discussion at all seminars was the importance of the Genesis account for the Gospel message. By the end of our visit brethren asked us to stay for Sunday as well and preach to entire congregation on theBiblical foundations for marriage (see the pictures attached).

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On the return we received great news on the fastest ripple effect we ever had. A person who at July Without Walls conference (http://scienceandapologetics.com/en/index.php/newsletters/2011/itemlist/date/2011/7?catid=15) volunteered to coordinate apologetics ministry in Western Ukraine has started teaching with making a training course at Rivne (see the pictures attached)! Praised be the Lord of the harvest for sending forth more laborers into His harvest!

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But the main project of the month was the trip to Minsk – the very first experience of serving at the country of Byelorussia for us. Byelorussia is the most totalitarian and most closed country in Eastern Europe, especially since the opposition persecutions got started after the ruler last reelection. Any religious activity but formal services and any books and videos distribution are highly suppressed as a political opposition potential support. Nevertheless Byelorussian brethren gave us a good advice on how and where to cross the border (no pictures available :) ) and we have delivered them a load of resources on Apologetics and Creation Evangelism.newsletter december2011 7 The resources were especially demanded by the ministers and youth leaders who were taking our Systematic Apologetics course at Minsk Theological Seminary (see the pictures attached). The Lord provided fast and easy road to Minsk (actually we made it in one day including the border crossing) and back. The temperature was above freezing all the time and driving even Ukrainian roads was pretty safe. Thank you so much for your prayers!

newsletter december2011 8Now we are at home praising the Lord for the extremely fruitful year. Please join our praises - the year was a real blessing for our ministry and for everyone involved in it:

- The Lord has stopped our extensive way of the ministry development (trips amount increase) for guiding us in an intensive way (targeting key audience, especially youth, according to 2 Timothy 2:2 model). 

- The geography of the ministry direct impact has increased with two more regions of Russia (Kuban at the South and St. Petersburg at the North) and with Byelorussia

- We have started to do trips across the border with vehicles and became able to deliver more resources to those places.

- New potential ministry coordinators found at various regions of Ukraine, Russia and Byelorussia as well as in Moldova and Armenia (we plan to visit last two countries next year).

Fifteen books are published. That is the biggest amount we ever had during a year! The next book is going to be our 150th book publication! But the most exciting part of our publishing ministry is... 

- We have started printing the very first in Former Soviet Union Christian textbooks on Science to undermine state atheistic curriculum monopoly in post-soviet education!

- FD-222 project is launched (FD stands for Fidei Defensor ("defender of faith"), 222 - for 2 Timothy 2:2). This is a specific training program that targets gifted young adults who can become national leaders in Creation Evangelism movement. So far we have students from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan (a new region for us to explore!)

May the Lord be praised! May more people see dangerous lie of atheism and find truth, meaning, hope and life in the Jesus! We highly appreciate your care about us and our ministry through all the year – we feel it constantly! 

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