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September 2019

Haifa Theological Institute

 We always say that our ministry is just a supply chain for the troops of evangelism. And as we hit the high season of the academic year, we are in the process of tight scheduling of the lectures and workshops for Christian educational institutions, and churches. Being in demand brings us great joy, for our primary role is to equip and supply those who are in the front line.


Haifa Theological Institute
One of the highlights of our academic activity was the Biblical Anthropology Course that we held in Haifa Theological Institute. The opportunity occurred as a network result. After the annexation of Crimea Michael, one of our team members, emmigrated to Israel and initiated his own media ministry in Haifa on the basis of the Institute ran by the Return to Zion ministry that serves Russian-speaking immigrants in Israel.


Haifa Theological Institute
Every time I heard a preacher say "this is what the Greek says", I always wondered: what he is to talk about if he ever preached in Greece? Now the joke was on me! I had to teach a course based on the first 11 chapters of Genesis, to people who speak Hebrew daily. It was both a challenge and an adventure. But it was also the joy of mutual learning and exploring together the real meaning of the text about the essence, the nature and the purpose of man (see pictures attached).
Lviv International Book Fair

 The Haifa Theological Institute is a distance learning school. The media production by Michael happened to be of great benefit to its ministry. While most of the students in the class did not have degrees, all of the lectures were recorded and will be combined into an online video course available to the rest of HTI students who are Russian speaking immigrants worldwide. It is our second trip to Haifa and it is the evidence of how God's networking helps us spread The News. Please pray for our students, for strong partnerships, opportunities that present themselves and the ripple effect which they have on the world

Lviv International Book Fair
The troubles we face God always uses for His glory! The fact that we had to end our publishing activity in Crimea opened up new partnership opportunities with many missions and publishing organizations here in Kyiv. We don't have to duplicate their work by reproducing our infrastructure from scratch – they welcome us to use theirs  for publishing our materials. Moreover, Knigonosha, one of the publishers we partner with, is a member of the national publishing alliance and participates in all the key book events in the country. Due to this partnership, our books have been highlighted at the International Book Forum in Lviv (see pictures attached). Please pray that the resources we produce reach the right readers through events like this.

 Another project we focus on this year is developing the materials for preachers, ministers and missionaries on how to avoid logical fallacies in preaching and evangelism.

Lviv International Book Fair

Logic never was never taught as a subject in the Soviet Union, and this still has a negative effect on churches and missions. It hinders the efforts and efficiency of these ministries.

We decided to use the crowd-sourcing approach to update the materials we already had by posting the description of various logical fallacies on social media and encouraging people to share examples of these fallacies which they encounter in sermons and public speaking. Our subscribers have become so actively involved, that we anticipate that the fresh publication of the logical fallacies materials will meet a great need! Not only will they be revised and expanded, but also made more culturally relevant and much more practical since they are based on real examples. Please pray for this project as it gains momentum.

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