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The III-rd International Eurasia Creation Science Conference. Kiev, May 19-20.

The conference was extremely fruitful. Creation Scientists from Armenia, Belorussia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, US, and Uzbekistan (twenty of them - with doctoral degrees in various areas) turned in 75 papers presented at plenary sessions and in the sections "Physics, Mathematics and Informatics", "Biology and Medicine", "Geology, Paleontology and Physics of the Earth", "Sociology and Humanities", "Theology".


Second Eurasian Apologetics Summit

The Second Eurasian Apologetics Summit at Donetsk on June 1-4, 2010 was the most strategically important event in several years of our ministry. Key apologetics leaders of the former Soviet Union countries spent together four fruitful days of workshops and forums - sharing vision, ideas, and experience for the sake of the Good News of Jesus Christ in postcommunist societies effective spreading. The format of the event was different from the First Eurasian Apologetics Summit. While the goal of the First Summit was establishing of the network, the main goal of the Second Summit was to develop the national strategies for apologetics and evangelism ministries in former Soviet Union. The main difference therefore was the structure of the forums - they were more brainstorming then just sharing information. A special focus was made on following tracks: Apologetics and Evangelism, Apologetics and Literature, Apologetics and Music, Apologetics and Media.

The Summit became an inspection and demonstration of the apologetics movement development. Four years of Eurasian Apologetics Society existence (it was established at the First Eurasian Apologetics Summit in 2006) gave birth to three more self-governed apologetics and creation evangelism ministries and raised a great cohort of faithful volunteers all over the countries. A great time of fellowship, prayer, discussions and studies we spend together became a great motivation, encouragement and inspiration for everyone. Here is some feedbacks we received from the Summit participants:

- Summit had a great impact on evangelism in countries of the former Soviet Union and Asia.
- Every issue discussed at the forum was very useful, and what is the most important, it encouraged the participants to act. The meeting made me think about issues that I have never thought of before. I would like to thank the organizers for the time I have spent so fruitfully. I liked the most the agenda interesting for both moderators and participants, and there was enough time for fellowship.
- This meeting was very enriching and stimulating for evangelism. I found inspiration, new ideas, and clear vision at the Summit. I am very thankful to the Lord and the administration for brotherly love and gentleness. The Summit was informative, useful and worthy.
- It was interesting and informative. The agenda was good. There was a good representation from many parts of the former Soviet Union. The organization was perfect!
- A great evidence of the successfulness of the summit was the intensity of communication and fellowship that we all observed and took part in.

International Conference “The Impact of Darwinian Ideology on the Sciences, Education and Society”

International Conference “The Impact of Darwinian Ideology on the Sciences, Education and Society” took place on 15-17 of October 2009 in Yalta (Ukraine). Twenty-two speakers from Byelorussia, Central Asia, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and USA took part in it. Fifteen of them have doctoral degrees in physics, mathematics, technologies, biology, humanities, medicine, philosophy and theology. Some of them are researchers at universities and institutes.

The speakers provided grounded criticism of the Darwinian ideology from the positions of science, philosophy, worldview, ethics, etc. The negative influence of Darwinism on culture and society was pointed out as well.

The participants emphasized the inconsistency of Darwinism as an ideology. While actual observable speciation within syngameons (the clusters of species or semispecies linked by hybridization) can be clearly explained within the terms of Creation / Intelligent Design, the idea of the natural origin of all living organisms from a common ancestor is a purely speculative ontological concept. The principles of Darwinism do not correspond to the scientific criteria of observation, repetition and verification, which leaves Darwinism beyond the range of the scientific method. They can only be taken by faith a-priori. Therefore the evolutionary naturalistic worldview fits the category of a doctrine.

However as a doctrine it does not correspond to the biblical view of the world, life, and creation of humankind, its dogmas contradict the Gospel. In this regard the monopoly of the Darwinian evolutionary worldview in the science and humanities curricula of state educational institutions supported by taxpayers, who either have opposite views or no views on the origins, is an inexcusable ideological usurpation. It contradicts the principles of freedom of conscience and confession as well as the inhered right of a person to choose a worldview.

Inculcating the doctrines of Darwinism served as science laid the ideological foundation for the murderous totalitarian regimes of the Twentieth Century, became the excuse for various inhumanities, and negatively impacts the social morals of the youth.

The time has come for science to separate the facts from interpretation, analyzing the interpretation without ideological premises; and for the system of education to develop and implement the curricula that would equally expose the facts in the light of various ontological beliefs.     Conference Program



On Friday night, July 11th 2008, International Visual Christian Media has named its award-winners. "The Lesson" movie produced by Blagovest Production Studio of Christian Center for Science and Apologetics has won in two nominations:
"Best Youth Film" - Bronze Crown
"Best Drama Under 250K" - Golden Crown

It is worth noticing that movies produced by countries other then United States are usually nominated for "Best International Film". It is quite unique for an international movie to win two Crowns at the same time. We are glad to lay the Crowns by the feet of the Lamb.

The Lesson. A short-film about the teenage life that introduces the viewer to the problems they face on the way to maturity. The movie touches upon such aspects as friendship, love, marriage, abortions, decision making.



First Eurasian Apologetics Summit

At the Eurasian Apologetics Summit, that took place in Crimea on October 6-9, 2006, the leading apologists of former Soviet Union have shared their love, wisdom, experience and knowledge.

After several years since our ministry started in 1992, we found out that despite of the great need of the apologetics in post-communist society, the apologists are rare, separated and not supported or even not appreciated by the local churches. As a part of implementing the strategy for overcoming the situation we have organized our first Eurasian Apologetics Summit in 2000. About 20 leading apologists from CIS (countries impacted by socialism :) ) spent several days together at Yalta (former Soviet Union best resort place sadly famous for the February 1944 Stalin-Churchill-Roosevelt conference). The goal of the meeting was fellowship, networking, vision and resources sharing, strategic planning. This event gave a start for Eurasian Apologetics Society.

Considering the situation development in five years that have passed, we organized another Summit. We have gathered 50 leading and active apologists from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan - the people who make greatest change by impacting other people in their regions with Bible-based strategy of effective Christian persuasion. Additionally to the goals of 2000 Summit, we have made the major focus on training end equipping those leaders for training and equipping others. The seminars and workshops our speakers have offered were a great building-up and encouragement for the participants - people who have the biggest impact on the strongholds of atheistic ideology peoples are still brainwashed with in our part of the world.

The Eurasian Apologetic Summit has been a back-to back with our regular academia outreach event - a symposium Man and Christian Worldview on October 5-6 (http://www.scienceandapologetics.org/engl/papers.htm). So the speakers were able to take part in both.

Following seminars and workshops were presented at the Summit:
  1. An apologetic of the bodily resurrection of Jesus. Mark Moore
  2. Apologetics and Politics. Mark Moore
  3. Apologetics and the Arts. Dr. Bruce Little
  4. Current Research on Noah's Ark. Dr. Ronal Charles
  5. Gospels as Historical Documents. Mark Moore
  6. How to Use Critical Thinking in Apologetics. Dr. Bruce Little
  7. Lessons in History: Christianity, Paganism and the Society. Dr. Ronal Charles
  8. Planning and Developing Your Own Apologetics Ministry. Dr. Richard Carhart
  9. Recent Controversies in Historical Apologetics. Dr. Georges Carillet
  10. Strengths, Weaknesses and Strategy of Historical Arguments in the Current Philosophical Climate. Dr. Georges Carillet
  11. The Gospels and Apologetics. Dr. Ronal Charles
  12. The Nature and Value of Scientific Apologetics Dr. Richard Carhart
  13. The Place of Reason in Apologetics. Dr. Bruce Little
  14. The Problem of Evil. Dr. Bruce Little
  15. What is the status of Intelligent Design, and is it a helpful apologetical tool? Dr. Richard Carhart

Dr. Richard Carhart.Richard Carhart earned his Ph.D. in theoretical particle physics from the University of Wisconsin. He is Professor of Physics Emeritus at the University of Illinois at Chicago, having taught there, done original research and trained Ph.D. students for 35 years. He served as an academic missionary for one year at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, and one year at Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic. Richard has been a lay theologian and Bible teacher over the last 40 years, having accepted Christ from atheism at the age of 14. His interest in scientific apologetics stems from his own need to integrate his Biblical faith with the findings of science, and to counter prevailing erroneous worldviews. Richard serves as the Coordinator of the European Scientific Network, a division of the European Apologetic Network. He travels and lectures internationally using scientific apologetics, especially in Ukraine and Crimea. He is husband to Marge for 46 years, father of three and grandfather of 15.

Dr. Georges P. Carillet. Doctor of Theology, President of the Commonwealth International University (Ukraine), Director of Institute of Theology and Philosophy. Pro-rector of Crimean-American College, professor. President of International Association for Education "Man and Christian Worldview". He has degrees in Counselling and Biblical Literature. He has also studied Linguistics and Cross-cultural Communication. In 1985-1993 he led and consulted translation of the Bible in Papua New Guinea. Area of interests: Early Christianity and Culture; Bible Commentaries and Cross-cultural Communication. Main Publications in Sociology, Biblical Studies, Church Ministry. He is married and has two children.

Dr. Ronal Charles.B.S (Civil Engineering), M.Th. (Historical Theology), Ph.D. (Theology), Ph. D. (Ancient History), Ph. D. (International Relations). Serves as President of BARA Humanitarian Foundation, President of HEBRON International Foundation (humanitarian and refugee relief). ?o-founder of Albanian-American Archaeological Society. Pacific International University Board of Directors member. Historic and Biographical Division of Cambridge Board of Governors member. Former Appointed Special Humanitarian Ambassador to Albania. Member of Archaeological Institute of America, the Smithsonian Institution, European Association of Educators and Researchers, American Association of Engineers, National Teacher's Association, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Theta Omega, European Association of Educators and Researchers. A knight of the St. John order. Awarded Friend for Life recognition by Interior Ministry of Egypt. History professor. Served as a pastor of several churches for a period of 14 years; as a missionary to Albania for 6 years. Worked in Civil Engineering and project management for 12 years, and as a journalist for 6 years. Takes part in archaeological researches from 1985 to present. Leading scholar of research on Noah's Ark. Married and has two sons.

Dr. Bruce A. Little, a native of New England, serves as the associate professor of Philosophy of Religion and the Associate Dean of Theological Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Prior to this, he served as pastor of several churches over a period of 30 years, with the most recent being in Winston-Salem where he served on the pastoral staff for 21 years, 16 of which as he senior pastor. While in Winston-Salem he also taught adjunctively for 15 years at Piedmont Baptist College. He has a Masters Degree in Apologetics, a DMin from Columbia Biblical Seminary (1992) and a PhD from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (2000). Since 1995 he has maintained an active apologetic ministry in Eastern Europe where he has been invited by various state universities and schools to present class lectures on a variety of topics presenting a Christian worldview, to speak at academic conferences, and conduct workshops on Christianity and Culture. In addition, he has co-written four books with Russian professors from the Tavrichesky National University in Simferopol, Ukraine. Since 2000 he has travelled to Central and Western Europe to train Christian leaders in apologetics. He is published in academic journals and is the author of a recent book titled, A Creation-Order Theodicy: God and Gratuitous Evil (2005) and is the president of Forum For Christian Thought. Dr. Little lives in Wake Forest, North Carolina with his wife Nancy.

Mark Moore. B.Th; MEd; MA (Religious Studies) Currently working on a PhD from the University of Wales. Professor of New Testament and Hermeneutics at Ozark Christian College. Director of the Institute for Christian Resources. Highly demanded speaker; author of more than a dozen books. 'Life of Christ' and 'Humble Defence' are available in Russian. Married and has daughter and son. http://markmoore.org

St. George.

Kiev Debates

(A Year-and-a-Half Later, or Round II)
"... We challenge all with intellectual integrity to search for the truth, to search for an answer that they can live with, and to be willing to always reexamine the evidence in light of all the information available. Certainly, the personal, practical importance of the question demands it!"
Terry L. Miethe

There is a great variety of living organisms: plants, animals, mushrooms, viruses... Where do they come from? There are two views.  >>>>> more >>>>>


Creation Evangelism Summit

The first Creation Evangelism Summit in former Soviet Union took place in Yalta October 12-14, 2002. Leading Creation evangelists and scientists of Russia and Ukraine spent together an extremely valuable time of fellowshipping, networking, and coordinating of ministries. We learned about much work being done in vital areas of research, as well as important areas of outreach. With such knowledge we can avoid duplicating our efforts and make better use of valuable time and resources by helping each other. In order to effectively continue to coordinate our efforts, we formed the International Association for Creation Science. Organizing this summit may prove to be one of the most important efforts our ministry, Christian Center for Science and Apologetics, has ever done.

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